Kate Deller

Having started my working career at an accountants I trained as a Book Keeper, leaving there to work for a Civil Engineering company. I then worked for a Roofing Company for many years and had an opportunity to work for a French Bathroom company and to break into sales which I always wanted to do. I began selling to independent shops and pitching products to Major Retailers. After the French company withdrew from the UK, I carried on with bathroom sales for a Major distributor covering Herts/Beds/NW and W London. I found myself missing accounts and decided to move back into Construction working for a Demolition firm. Through my time at the Demolition Company I met Toon Materials Ltd, the rest as they say is History. I have the pleasure of carrying out all the accounts work for Toon Materials, have my own sales customers and get involved in the Transport organisation from time to time when required. 26 years in Construction has given me a great depth of knowledge and I am very proud of what I have achieved in that time.